3-day school week

3-day school week

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Is there a recipe for happiness?

We are happy about the 4-day workweek proposal but how could we miss this most impactful proposal:

A 3-Day School Week for our children

Schooling is very important but childhood is equally precious.

How about having 3-Day School Week and children get to have :

3 Days of School

3 Days for Passion/Hobby

1 Day Family Time

Imagine how this would impact the world:

1. Every child gets time to pursue their passion/hobby

2. Enough free time makes our children value their free time and use it creatively

3. School days suddenly become days to look forward to

4. Parents start valuing personal aspirations as much as career aspirations

5. Personal aspirations would lead to fulfillment and happiness

6. Happy children will grow up to be happy adults

7. Happy people means fewer crimes and suicides

Happy Childhood is the Key to a Beautiful Future and a Better World.

 A 3-day school week is equally important discussion and must be discussed as eagerly on every platform as we discuss a 4-day workweek.



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