A must have skillset

A must have skillset

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Once I was ridiculed for acquiring this skill set for my professional growth. Thankfully I didn’t stop learning!

Basic knowledge about Health, nutrition, and hygiene one must have to be able to take care of their body and mind.

Similarly Sales, Marketing and Finance are the basic skills everyone must have irrespective of the field they are in.

As I have a great passion for learning I felt the need to learn to acquire some basic knowledge about Sales, Marketing and Finance.

As I started learning Sales and Marketing, some people started making fun of me saying now she is more of a businesswoman than an artist.

Thankfully I didn’t stop learning!

I feel whether you are an artist, a writer, a chef, a creative director or from any other profession, S&M and Finance are a must.

Sales and Marketing is an art of making a fruitful connection.

Knowing Finance is equally important to be able to manage your funds smartly like a pro!

One should not be ashamed of managing money. Sometimes investments are required to reach from Level A to level B so it’s a good idea to manage your money smartly. Happy Learning!

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