A world where everyone is spiritual connected

A world where everyone is spiritual connected

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When you talk to someone over the phone/chat, you receive two messages as a spiritually awake person:

One is the written/spoken words, and the other is direct messages from the person’s mind.

Hence Communication can happen on a spiritual level. Once we all are spiritually aware, we will know the art of communicating by transmitting our message purely by thinking.

Once we all become spiritually awake and advance, a lot of things will become redundant.

How things would look like in a spiritually advanced world:

1. Verbal Communication will no longer be a primary way of Communication

2. The money will lose its value; hence failure and success will get redefined

3. The primary way of learning will be spiritual, hence we will learn from beings from the entire universe.

4. The scientific progress will be much faster; hence, we will become technologically advanced much faster.

5. We will be connected with beings from the other realms because the primary way of communicating with them is through spiritually transmitted messages.

6. Time travel will a normal concept just like today’s mobile phone.

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