Who are we.

Failing It Up celebrates failures! Failing It Up’s mission is to Break the stigma attached to Failing. The stigma attached to Failing is an issue that needs to be talked about in public forums. Failing It Up will inspire people to look at Failures with Positivity and overcome the fear of failure. Failing It Up has launched Failing It Up With The Masters through which we’ll be sharing talks of how beautifully these achievers failed to reach where they are today. The Leaders of their fields share their Unique and Positive Perspective on Failure that kept them motivated to reach where they are today.  Failing It Up also aims at providing Learning and Support to people out there who are struggling to cope up with failures.


Why we are here.

Fear of Failure is one issue which is crippling our society in many ways. This is because the general perception about failure is negative. People feel failing is something negative to be ashamed of. When people who have a negative perception about Failing are unable to cope up with failures they either end up harming themselves or the outside world.

Successful people understand the true value of failures as they have overcome the fear of failure to be where they are today.

Failing It Up aims at Breaking the Stigma attached to Failing. To do so we are interviewing achievers from every field who will share how their failures are an integral part of their Success Story.


What we stand for.

We are what we are, and we do what we do, thanks to four core values that drive our purpose of creating awareness about the stigma attached to failing.



There are people around us who are struggling to cope up with their failures. Being sensitive towards those around us who are facing challenges and helping them cope up with their struggles in whatever little ways possible.



By being open about the challenges we faced to reach where we are today we could give support to the people who feel disheartened by their struggles. By sharing our story we could give people the wings to fly. There are people hiding behind their fear of failure. When we share our story we’ll be setting an example for others to open their wings without any fear and dare to dream just like we did.



Recognizing the need to break the stigma and taking responsibility to work towards this cause by spreading awareness. We could support in many ways so that the message reaches the people and they feel positive about their situation.

Learning & Support

Achievers from every field could come forward and share their Failure Stories to help people have a positive outlook towards failures. Our problems are not unique as there are people facing similar challenges. When achievers from various fields come forward and share their Failure Stories it could be answers to questions of millions of other people who are aspiring to be like them but are stuck in similar situations as these achievers were when they started.


Failing It Up Believers features the Leaders who support the initative Failing It Up