Failure is drama free

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Failure is drama-free.

Failure is drama free yet when we fail we perceive it as a loss or a setback.

The stigma attached to failing prevents us from thinking rationally when we face failure.

Why can’t we face failure just like success?

I feel success is a sweet poison that makes you believe that you have arrived whereas, on the other hand, failure is a true friend as it directs you towards the next milestone.

Next time you face challenges please understand that your failures are not trying to pull you down but in fact, they are guiding you to the direction you are meant to be taking.

All my failures have helped me become who I am today, a happier person.

Simply learn the art of decoding your failures and you’ll stop running after success because now the success would run after you. Success has no existence without failure that’s why we say success lasts only when it’s earned and not gifted or inherited. failingitupwithlovenhope

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Let's not do commodification of Failure by attaching drama to it.
Hard Work and Talent are not The Key to Success