Help your child discover his why

Help your child discover his why

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I have been passively unschooling my son since the very beginning. For me, unschooling has nothing to do with the word “school”, my son has been going to school but we never used the words like tests/exams/homework/maths/science/subjects/books/grades, etc ever at home until he was in 3rd grade.


Since beginning my focus has been on finding what he wants to learn and how he wants to learn rather than dictating what he should learn and how he should learn.


For him, learning is a fun activity and not done for the sake of some completing some task.

In the last 3-4 years, he figured out what he really wanted to do in life.


As he was doing great and was not getting enough time to be able to justice to what he was doing, I gave him the option of #unschooling so that he could focus completely on this one thing. He happily decided to un-school and didn’t go to school for the next 15 days.

On the 16th day, he declared he wants to go to school. He was missing his friends & having food with more than 100 other children in #school #cafeteria & many more such reasons.

My son still goes to #school but now he knows his #why which is not because that’s the only option for every #child all over the #world.

This was a #mother’s gift to her child to help him find his why.


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