How can we revolutionize the process of learning?

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How many chocolates can you have in a day if I give you an unlimited number of your favorite chocolates every day to binge on?

This question is intriguing, why would anyone give us so many chocolates to the eat…this question would run thru your mind as u read this. some would find it hilarious some will find it tempting some will find the offer foolish and for some, it’s just a way of getting attention.

But irrespective of what you think about this question, please do think about the offer …u don’t need to tell me just tell it to urself…

Let me share my answer to this question. If I was given this offer of having an unlimited number of chocolates then I might not have chocolates for months’ and I might have not chocolates at all out of fear either….

Similarly, if a person has the freedom to fail then imagine how many times a person could possibly fail…1…2..100..1000…Can a person fail 1000 times and come out learning nothing…

Can we not treat failure as a negative term? Why can’t a person have the freedom to fail as many times as he wants to… can we remove the stigma around the word failure once and for all…

The fear of failure does more damage to us more than the failure itself….and to discover this fact we need to experience failure at least once…failing badly at something…

If we are able to overcome the fear of failing just imagine what effect it will have on our learning process…then we’ll learn for the pure joy of learning and not to prove to someone that we are capable and successful in our own way.

The true success comes when we can shed the fear of failing and take risks but to overcome the fear of failing …we not just need to fail but we also need to remove the stigma & negativity attached to the word “failing”

The day we learn to embrace failure with grace, not be ashamed of it and not try hard to hide our failures but learn from it and grow, that I feel will Revolutionise the process of Learning

So, let’s not judge people who fail, let’s not hide behind our failure and let everyone get equal opportunity to learn irrespective of the number of times they have failed.

“Failing saves you from being mediocre” So fail often & set yourself free. Free yourself from the fear of failures & start something new or restart from where you left.

It's okay to Fail.