How miracles happen

How miracles happen

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Miracles happen when we support others.

Today my son reminds me “Mumma don’t forget that photography and filmmaking are your passion but the initiative Failing It Up is the Purpose of your life.”

During my moments of self doubts my son has been of great support. Failing It Up is going great and is getting so much love and support only because there was this little one in my life who understood my world and supported my dreams.

There were times when his friends laughed at him saying his mother doesn’t love him because she is okay if he failed. When I saw my initiative was affecting my son’s life I felt guilty but all my guilt vanished away when my son gave all his love and support for the Failing It Up initiative.

Miracles happen when we try to understand other people’s world. I always wanted to know his world and he ended up valuing my world.


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