How to connect with your higher-self

How to connect with your higher-self

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The universe is in constant touch with us.

We all are spiritual, however, the enlightened ones feel connected with the spiritual realms and can easily communicate the universe.

The universe sends messages through clairvoyance; however, we will miss these messages entirely if we are busy all the time. Receiving messages through clairvoyance is only possible when the mind is not cluttered and we are available.

What should you do if we can not understand the messages sent to you by the universe?

You can ask the universe to send the message again, and you can also ask how you will better understand the message.

For example, you can ask the universe to answer through a book, a phone call, or a person. If you still can’t understand the message, then keep giving more options to the universe.¬†There is no shame in asking.

Any negative message given by the universe must be discarded there and then. We can tune in and receive positive messages when we are positive.

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