Overcome Fear of Failure | Adil Hussain | Actor

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Adil Hussain talks about Failures. He feels the way we look at our failures tells us whether it’s an infatuation, love or passion. Failing is something which should be looked at with positivity. He Quoted from Japanese book The Nobility Of Failure, stating that it is a noble act also to fail. He has a strong message for aspiring actors who are struggling to cope with their failures. He feels we should responsibility for our actions and should not react negatively when depressed.



1. It is a noble act also to fail 54:07

2. Even failures are great milestones 53:30

3. Love has to be unconditional no matter if I am loving my work or I am loving my lover’ So that means our work should be on how to love unconditionally 13:45

4. There is this wonderful concept in Japan called ‘The Nobility of Failure’ Failure means that you have tried and when you fail in the first attempt and you keep doing it and you keep doing it and if you love it you’ll never fail because if you love something to do and you continue to do, the act of doing itself would give you the joy 13:01

5. The Intensity Of Seeking would Lead to the right kind of place, person, people, books, institution, and ideas 53:10

6. If we cater to the definition of success given by society then I think we are in big trouble 03:35

7. What success means to my neighbor and what success means to me, the difference could be as big as day and night 03:47

8. Advise for aspiring artists/actors: Don’t spend your time only on networking  (to know more watch the interview once it releases)

9. Adil’s journey of becoming an actor with some interesting stories from his NDS (Film School) days and his travels with his mentor



Interview shot by National award-winning cinematographer Amitabha Singh | Concept by Bhawana Verma  Edited by Piyush Bairagi | Produced by Sweet Tamarind Pictures | Supported by Cinyevidya Prime #failingitupwithlovenhope




Adil Hussain . Actor


Adil Hussain is a national award-winning actor from the state of Assam, who works in mainstream Bollywood as well as art house cinema.



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