A mentor verses a teacher

A mentor verses a teacher

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While a teacher answers the questions a mentor motivates you to find the questions.

Since childhood so used to be taught that when I started learning from my mentor I very soon realized I had to find the questions.

When I realized I had to find the questions first, I felt free to do my research and homework before expecting the answers. It’s a beautiful and liberating way of learning just like you are learning to walk on your own after a few brief lessons and you know someone is there to hold you if you fall.

This makes me realize that your mother is your first mentor. She is there to support you when you need her support but she motivates you to take the first step. However over a period of time because of the social pressure, some parents end up becoming teachers and expect you to be as successful as someone around you.

Why do we have to fear failure so much?

Finding new questions will be far more fulfilling than solving the same questions again and again or finding an altogether new solution to the same problem would be fun.

Let’s learn to have fun failing and discovering new things in the process.

We all want our children and our team members to do great work. After giving the brief, we need to simply trust them to find their way of doing it best.

Imagine how the freedom to fail could affect creativity and productivity.


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