Our Changing World

Our Changing World

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When our children make career choices we parents don’t know about, we feel disappointed.


Our disappoint comes not from the fact that our children made a wrong career choice for themselves.

Our fears come from our lack of knowledge about that particular field.

To be able to support our children, we could break down their career path into a skill set that they’ll acquire to get better at it.


My son too made a career choice which was so new that it took a certain amount of effort for me to be able to convince my family about his career choice.

I broke down the path he chose into a skill set: A, B, C, and D that he’ll acquire to reach his goal.

There are master-level courses, all over the world, for the above skills.

I convinced my family to not see him as doing something they can’t relate to and focus on the skill set he’ll acquire in his effort to get better in his chosen field.



The skills I acquired because of the adversities I faced in life.
Help your child discover his why