Our perception of failure defines and divides our world.

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Our perception of failure defines and divides our world How we handle failure defines and divides our world.

Let’s see how:

People having a positive perception about failing:


There are these people who have a positive outlook about failing so they think and react differently to their outer world.

They feel a closer connection with everything around them, from people to objects.

These people don’t see others success as a threat because they are not competing with their outer world but with their own selves.

They completely understand the process of failing and are comfortable with the idea.

As I said in my previous articles these people navigate from one idea to another very smoothly like you and I can walk, its as simple an activity for people who have a positive outlook towards failure.

They feel a stronger connection with their surroundings and are more compassionate towards others.

When they see people around them struggling to cope up with their failure and insecurities they want to come forward and motivate them in different ways.

Nobody is a threat to them as they are not competing with others.

Their role is to motivate and encourage others in subtle ways.

Their relationships at work and home and their interactions with everything in-between (like Car washers, household helps, sales people etc) become better as they are at peace with their own selves and are not hassled by the roller-coaster ride of failure.


Imagine if these people came together! They can truly change the world by creating awareness about the fear of failing and how it’s crippling our society.


People having a negative perception about failing


Now consider the people who feel failure is negative and stressful – how do they react to their outer-world?

They are easily hassled and get threatened by other’s success because they feel they alone have to go through this struggle of failing which troubles them.

Other’s happiness and success is a kind of threat to them as they feel they would appear to be a failure in front of the so-called successful people.

They want to hide their ideas because they think that’s the best idea they could have ever developed.

They gossip about people around them who they feel are more successful than them.

This they do to convince themselves and other people that at least they are successful on a personal level if not in their careers.

Eventually, a few of them are unable to cope up with the roller-coaster ride of failure and they end up taking extreme steps of harming themselves or the world.



Instead of feeling negative about people who are struggling to cope up with failure we all can come together and spread the message not just of love & peace but of Failing Beautifully.  Love & peace would automatically come if we are at peace with our own selves.


A message for people finding it difficult to cope up with their failures:

This message is dedicated to the person who is reading this article and struggling to cope up with failures ‘please don’t lose hope as soon you’ll breathe in a whole new world where failing will no longer be a stigma. This new world will be free of stigmas attached to Failure and will give you the wings to fly freely. Until then please don’t lose hope and love yourself a bit more. Love #failingitup

#failingitupwithlovenhope #love #hope #postive #change

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