Spirit is tech-savvy

Spirit is tech-savvy

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Spirit is very tech-savvy and is capable of doing things that humans can not even imagine. Here are a few examples to know how technologically advanced our spirit can be :

1. One can spiritually connect with anyone and anything in the universe to learn from it.

2. Spirits are capable of freely traveling anywhere in the universe.

3. Spirits are also capable of traveling through time.

During the days of the Ramayana, people were spiritually very advanced; that’s why many such technologies were at the tip of their fingers.

Do we wonder where did that technology disappear?

As we progressed, we got so distracted by the physical form of our beings that we started putting all our efforts into looking successful (accumulating degrees, wealth, perfect looks, etc.)

Today’s society is the result of seeing the world outward perspective.

We must learn to connect with our inner self to pave the path for a new era. 

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