Spirituality and History

Spirituality and History

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Why did some of the world’s well-known artists in history secretly leave clues about their time and space travel experiences by showing glimpses of it through art?

Today we openly wear face masks as it is a new normal for us. People in the days of Ramayana did time and space travel with great ease. It was a very normal thing for them as most of them were spiritually very advance.

Later, when such spiritually awakened people became rare to the extent of being forgotten, people showed glimpses of their time-space travel experinces secretly through their artworks.

Probably they were scared of openly sharing their spiritual experiences as they thought nobody around them would understand. They also feared being judged or even punished.

Today we must understand that spiritual awakening is a very normal phenomenon, and there is no certificate or degree course required to experience an awakening!

We must openly accept this fact if we want to bring positive change in society.

Let us openly share our spiritual experiences as this is the only way to make spiritual growth a new normal.

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Spirituality is the science of universe
Time travel is real