The Catalogue of Passion

The Catalogue of Passion

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Our next interview is about the art form I was passionate about since the age of 2-3 years.

At a tender age of I  5 or 6 years when I might not have figured out the full address of my house, I researched and somehow found the name of a very famous institute in my city that taught that art form.

Unfortunately, my mother never agreed to my pursuing that art form at all as she could see the passion in me about that art form and she knew if I pursued it I would be completely immersed in it

So one of my dreams shattered even before I could understand what dreams were.

During my growing years, I still did things around that particular art form but they were very diluted versions of that art form so gradually I lost interest in it and moved on to writing n painting.

Now when I look back I realize we are not born to do that ONE thing really well but many more things we are capable of doing.

 For some reason even if we miss persuing one particular thing that we really wanted to do (becoming an actor, a painter, singer, etc, etc ) there are many more equally amazing things waiting for us to get explored.

So don’t get disheartened if you couldn’t do something amazing that you really wanted to do.

Life offers us a full catalog of passions to choose from.

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