The verb called love sums it up all

The verb called love sums it up all

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When someone judges you for your failures, it’s not because they don’t know anything about failures, its because you don’t know anything about your failures.

Know your failures, own them and transform them into something amazing!

Hard work, commitment, persistent and blah blah.
Why complicate things when a single verb called love could sum it up all.

As a kid, I have two clear memories of hardworking people around me.
When I 5 or 6 years old I use to go to my best friend’s place almost every day to play with her. There was a door her house which use to be close, not locked, just closed. Whenever we crossed that door my friend told me “Shhh, ” my brother is studying.” this same thing she said for 4 to 5 years whenever we crossed her brother’s room, till the time I stayed in that society.

When I grew up and was 13-14 years old similar thing happened in my house as well. I saw my elder brother only studying. He studied day and night. The amount of hard work he was putting in made me doubly sure that I would rather do something around failing. If success looked like this then I was far happier looking like a failure, doing things that meant the world to me!

Thankfully I was enjoyed doing what I loved, painting, sketching, writing, rather than focusing on much on academics. Some people are into science, maths, literature, book and some people are more into doing creative things. Creative people might be perceived as less intelligent in their earlier age, as intelligence sadly is measured by academic but it no way means they are any less.

Last year my brother emailed me saying that he was very proud of me and that very few people in this world are so fortunate like you to be able to live their passion.

Today when I look back, I realize I could do whatever I wanted to do in life only because I was okay looking like a failure to people around me.

I never wanted to work so hard so I started accidentally experimenting with love. I realized I could to way more than I could have imagined if I did something I really loved.

So if you feel terrible when see people working so hard, don’t be.
The day you discover what you truly enjoy doing, it’ll change your life.

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